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Founder members

Jaya & Naresh Alreja are the Founder Members of Aashish Foundation. An engineer by profession, Naresh is passionate about creating facilities that will enhance the life quality of special people. Currently he is engaged in developing the Aashish Residential Home Project.

They are parents of 29 yr old DevAshish, who is differently abled and  presently working at Barrier Break Technology. Their committment to DevAshish and their wholehearted effort to help him maximise his potential is an inspiration for many people.

Board Members


The Foundation is guided by the vision of its Board Members. A very special attribute of these amazing people on the Board of Aashish Foundation is that they all are parents of persons with Special Needs.  Their guidance to the Foundation is backed by their personal experiences, deep insights and heart felt support for the cause.

Ms, Beena Modak,  Ms Rashmi Hosangdi, Dr. Aparna Parikh, Ms Chandrika Shetty, Mr. Naresh Alreja, Mr.Shyam Khemlaney, & Mr. Rahul Khandelwal  are esteemed Members of the Board. 



Drs. Saifuddin  Bijliwala & Shalini Bijliwala are the Directors of Jump Start Therapy Centres. Backed by more than 40 yrs experience in the field of  Special Needs, their experience include setting up and heading departments of Occupational therapy in Special Schools. They have interacted with training programs at every level and across related disciplines and excel in counselling, therapy and training.

They bring to the Foundation their unique understanding of various handicapping conditions and their expertise in formulating result-oriented neurodevelopmental programs.


Naresh Alreja, Budddhisagar Mahabale, Ri

The work of the Foundation is backed by  qualified staff who are empathetic, innovative and constantly strive to update their knowledge along with  a devoted band of Friends, Supporters and Volunteers. 


Aashish foundation acknowledges the generous help and unstinting support recieved from parents, students, volunteers and professionals from the field of Architecture, Design, Finance,  Law,  Medicine & Media


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