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are organized at regular intervals. They become a forum for parents to interact with one another and support one another. These programs besides being entertaining are organized with a view to train kids in adjusting to different environments, interacting with different people and organizing themselves in new time schedules. 



provides Occupational Therapy and state of the art facilities that encourages children with special needs to experience learning success and become as independent as they possibly be. The project also focusses on training parents to care for persons with special needs. Various therapy modules like Behavior Modification,Sensory motor training, VBA training, visual perceptual, perceptual motor training,are offered


​will provide life long custodial solutions in the area of residential care. A custom built home is being planned in Panvel which will provide 24 x 7 assisted living facilities in a hygienic and secure environment along with  educational, vocational training, recreational facilities and  medical care  . Additional facilities like respite programs and short stay for family members will also be available


With the philosophy that education leads to appropriate action, the Foundations hosts talks and seminars for parents, friends and professionals every alternate month. These are conducted by the Centres experienced therapist on topics of academic and social interest. Empowering parents and professionals with knowledge will augment the work of the foundation


The Foundation creates awareness and garners public support by participating in   Marathons and awareness campaigns. Giving awareness talks, conducting seminars and publishing articles also helps in creating awareness about the cause. College students are encouraged to volunteer at the therapy centre to enhance their knowledge and sensitise themselves to the predicament of persons with special needs.


In keeping with our philosophy that no parent should look on helplessly, the Foundation provides help to the underprivileged by way of concessional fees, or providing them with wheel chairs, walkers or crutches. Few clients have also been provided with software and computers. 

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