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Aashish Foundation
Aashish Foundation
Aashish Foundation
Aashish Foundation
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Aashish Foundation
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 Aashish Foundation
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Aashish Foundation is passionate in its belief that "No child with special needs should be deprived

of the opportunity to excel and no parent needs to watch on helplessly".



The Foundation  was established in 2008, by Jaya & Naresh Alreja and a group of like minded parents who desired to help as many families with special needs as possible. They sought to provide therapeutic help using  the latest technology and methods and also to empower parents to fulfill their individual dreams. 





To nurture and encourage kids with Special Needs to experience learning success and attain their maximum  potential.

To empower parents, families and society to educate, advocate and efficiently manage  persons with Developmental Handicaps .



In the years to come, we envision that AASHISH FOUNDATION will provide creative solutions in the area of training children with special needs, facilitating parents to manage the issue at large and management of challenging behaviors at home.

We will also educate society to understand , accept and champion the cause  of people with special needs and  provide long term customizable solutions to the challenging task of Life Long Care 











The latest project of the Foundation stems from the concerns of the Trustees about the long term future care of persons with Special Needs.


 The Foundation is determined in its effort  and envisions the creation of a facility that will replicate lifestyles, loving care and the companionship of like minded friends when parents are no more.


To ensure the care, safety and happiness of children with special needs, Aashish Foundation  is seting up  a professionally run home amidst the sylvan locale of Panvel which will provide life long care.


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