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If you enjoy interacting with children and you are seeking a good cause to spend some time and energy, Aashish Foundation can be your destiny. 


Rest assured that volunteering at "Aashish Foundation"  to work for or with persons with special needs will satisfy your soul and bring extra meaning to your life.


If you are an enthusiastic student and want to experience more than the academic curriculum, then your involvement with Aashish Foundation     can help you gain experience and sensitivity to the marginalised.


Your outlook to life is bound to change as a result of your direct experience  of working with persons who are mentally challenged





If pediatric and developmental occupational therapy captivates you, Aashish Foundation may help you fulfill your professional interests. We work with clients with varying diagnosis and from infants to adults. The clinics are well equipped with modern equipment and material and can make therapy fun and ineresting.


New graduates are welcome as we

can  provide mentoring with senior therapist


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